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Digital Technology

For those short runs of say business cards, letterheads, certificate printing in Kenya, company catalog printing in Kenya digital printing is the way to go.

Digital Printing

Cryslie Solutions boasts of the latest technology when it comes to digital printing. The digital printing press is manned by experienced graphic designers, who will assist you in artwork creation, preparing your artwork for printing and the actual printing.

Why Work With Us

> Quality prints
> Quick turnaround times (Efficiency)
> Pocket friendly rates
> Delivery to your door step

Digital Benefits

Shorter Turnarounds

With unprecedented high printer speeds, and without the labourous screen setups involved in ofset printing, we guarantee your job will be completed sooner rather than later.

Part Shipments

Allows you the option to have your job delivered in batches to suit your needs.


Allows you to know how your prints will appear before placing an order for many more.

Variable Artwork

Allows you to have different artworks to target different markets, also allows you to change your promotional artwork as you can order in bits.


With the continued research in digital printing, we offer the highest quality on prints.

Digital printing is suitable for small runs such as: Business cards, Company profiles e.t.c.

Offset Technology

For large production say, brochure printing in Kenya, flyer printing in Kenya booklet printing in Kenya and much more offset is the best technology.

Offset Printing

Do you have a large print run, say 5000 brochures? Then ofset printing is the right choice for you. Cryslie Solutions offers high quality ofset solutions for your company that will give you value for your money.

Why Work With Us

> Quality prints
> Dedicated team of experts 
> Tailor made solutions to fit into your unique needs
> Pocket friendly rates
> Delivery to your door step

Offset Benefits

Cost Saving

With bulk prints, ofset printing lowers your printing budget signifiacntly while not compromising on quality.

Quality Finishing

With offset printing you get a variety of finishing options such as uv varnish that leaves your prints with a glossy feel. Also suitable for Prints that will be folded such as brochures as the paper does not crack along the fold lines. Offset printing is suitable for large runs such as of: Brochures, leaflets, flyers, calendars, annual reports e.t.c.

Banner Technology

For large production say, brochure printing in Kenya, flyer printing in Kenya booklet printing in Kenya and much more offset is the best technology.

Banner Printing

Cryslie Solutions boasts of the highest quality banner printing in East Africa region. We offer our clients:

Normal banners
Roll-up banners
Tear drops
Window graphics

We also produce office signages such as directional signs, fire point displays e.t.c. as well as produce and mount office singnages and light box.

Our team of experts will visit the site and advise you on the best signage suited for your premise and give you a quote that is inclusive of mounting.

Tips for Printing


  1. Images

If you are using images in your artwork, do ensure the are of high resolution. This is in order to avoid blurred print outs. Also do remember to embed the images in your artwork (adobe users). Alternatively you can save them in the same folder as artwort and send entire folder to printer.

  1. Artwork Measurement

When designing do ensure you do design artwork to correct measurements or do ensure it can be resized proportionally to the correct measurement. Artworks not designed to correct measurement or which can’t be resized proportionally is charged as a new designs by printers.

  1. Text/ Fonts

When sending artwork to printer for printing purposes do ensure you either outline/curve the fonts used or you include the fonts used in folder to forward to your printing firm. This is to reduce risk of fonts not matching.

  1. Bleeds

Bleed is the term for printing that goes right to the edge. If you want an image or a color to run to the edge of the printed document, please design it to go approximately 3mm beyond your artboard size.

When dealing with text and images/ logos you want to be within artboard, please do ensure they do not go right to the edge so as not to be trimmed when finishing the printed document. All images, text logos to be within 3mm of your artboard.

Banner Printing

At Cryslie Solutions; printing firm Kenya we offer banner printing services. If you are creating your own banner, here are some helpful tips to ensure that your results are perfect. 

1. Determine the size of your banner 
The best way to design with a specific format in mind is to establish the dimensions of your advertisement first. When printing on large formats, such as banners, it is especially important to start designing your ad with the exact measurements of the final product. Resizing later can distort your images and leave your ad looking unprofessional. Also, be sure to use the highest resolution possible for your images to maximize clarity. 

2. Avoid gradients 
With large-scale prints, gradients can present a problem. “Banding” is the term used to describe the lines that appear across gradient images when they are printed in large formats. Banding can detract from an otherwise well-designed banner, so the best way to avoid it is to keep gradients out of your print. If you must use gradients, you can try to correct this issue by adding light blurring and noise to smooth out the lines. Also, keep in mind that the most noticeable banding can be seen in dark blue to light blue gradients. 

3. Make it legible from a distance 
Just because it’s printed on a large format doesn’t always mean it can be read from far away. Make sure your texts are printed large enough so that they can be seen from the distance they’re intended for. If it’s the focus of your banner, then it should be obvious to the viewer. The most important information should be printed larger than the rest, but you should also ensure that the less important text is also clear and readable. 

4. Keep it simple 
Banners offer a lot of space to use, but it’s usually better not to stuff it full of information. Sometimes a simple, striking message or image can say more to your audience than a paragraph could. Cluttered banners are also less eye-catching than a minimal, straightforward design. Just remember to include an identifier, such as a logo, company name, or website. 

Flyer printing

As a business owner, finding new customers is your priority. Flyers are an excellent and inexpensive way to promote your business. If you think of each of your flyers as a miniature advertisement, flyers are the cheapest and easiest way to let people know about your business. Black and white or full color, our flyers are affordable on any budget. You can even have your flyers printed in bulk and receive a discount to your order.

Not all flyers are made equal. The difference between getting your flyer noticed or completely ignored is in the design. Talk to our in-house graphic designers to see how they can help get people interested in taking a look at what you have to offer. To cover all your bases and ensure your flyer is seen, we carry a variety of printing options and sizes and can even print exactly to your desired dimensions.

  • Full Color & Black/White
  • Digital Printing & Offset
  • Inhouse Graphic Designers
  • Standard & Custom Sizes
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • 2-4 Business Days for Turnaround

Business card Printing

Whether you’re seeking a new job or want to build connections with potential clients, nothing works better for face-to-face networking than the simple business card. No matter what area of business you’re in, you can always benefit from carrying around your own set wherever you go.

Business cards can say a lot about you or your company and let everyone know that you’re ready to do business with them. What do you want to say about your business? At Cryslie, we’re here to help you create the perfect business card to describe you and the services you offer. Our in-house graphic designers will work with you to develop the perfect business card for your company.

Don’t let the limitations of other printers hold back your imagination! We offer printing options for both sides of the card, gloss finishes, matte finishes, and rounded corners. And if you’re really ready to promote your business, we also offer discounts on bulk orders.

  • Full Color & Black/White
  • 1 sided / 2 sided / Gloss Finish / Matte Finish / Round Corners
  • Digital Printing & Offset
  • Inhouse Graphic Designers
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • 2-4 Business Days for Turnaround

Catalogue/ Company profiles

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with a brand new products catalog? Are you an artist interested in showing your work to others in a convenient booklet? For business owners, catalogs offer an easy way to generate both traffic and business. Catalogs help spread the word about your company and make sales for you along the way. If you’re an artist or designer, try leaving stacks of booklets filled with your creations in coffee shops and other businesses, putting your name and your visual resume out there for others to see. Local exposure like that is one of the best ways to start showing the world what you can do.

Your catalog or booklet will be your identity to those who haven’t seen or heard of you before. This is your chance to make someone a new customer or fan of your work. Relax! Our in-house graphic designers will help you lay out the perfect design for you and your business. We offer both digital and offset printing, so you can print your catalog or booklet just the way you want. Sit back and relax. Your order includes folding and binding, so you won’t need to waste any time that you could spend making sales or creating your next masterpiece. And if you’d really like to spread word of your work and get sales outside of your local region, order even more and take advantage of our bulk discounts.

  • Full Color & Black/White
  • Digital Printing & Offset
  • Inhouse Graphic Designers
  • Including folding & binding
  • Bulk Discounts Available
  • 3-5 Business Days for Turnaround