Offset Printing

Do you have a large print run, say 5000 brochures? Then ofset printing is the right choice for you. Cryslie Solutions offers high quality ofset solutions for your company that will give you value for your money.

Why Work With Us

> Quality prints
> Dedicated team of experts 
> Tailor made solutions to fit into your unique needs
> Pocket friendly rates
> Delivery to your door step

Offset Benefits

Cost Saving

With bulk prints, ofset printing lowers your printing budget signifiacntly while not compromising on quality.

Quality Finishing

With ofset printing you get a variety of finishing options such as uv varnish that leaves your prints with a glossy feel. Also suitable for Prints that will be folded such as brochures as the paper does not crack along the fold lines. Ofset printing is suitable for large runs such as of: Brochures, leaflets, flyers, calendars, annual reports e.t.c.